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Thank you for your interest in sharing your time, talents, and energy to make a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of everyone in our magical community. The Kindness Ambassador Program invites adults and middle school and high school teens, regardless of ability or disability, to promote kindness and inclusion both on and off the playground. Kindness Ambassadors with varying abilities can be partnered with a more seasoned Ambassador to help enrich their experience in the program.  Kindness Ambassadors typically commit to a minimum of 3 hours/month over a 6 month period, ultimately contributing a total of 18 hours minimum. For teens, the time spent as a Kindness Ambassador is eligible for high school volunteer hours. In addition to being a kind and playful presence on the playground, Kindness Ambassadors help facilitate events and activities for people of all ages and abilities, and make Magical Bridge Playgrounds a welcoming place for all.

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The process:

Kindness Ambassadors will receive training to promote kindness and inclusion both on and off the playground. Training begins with an overview of Magical Bridge Foundation, its guiding principles, mission statement, and history. This overview includes a brief review of the many different challenges people with disabilities face at a typical playground, and an educational tour of Magical Bridge Playground and how it's different from typical playgrounds. Upon completion of the training, Kindness Ambassadors will earn an official Kindness Ambassador t-shirt to wear proudly at future Magical Bridge events.

Why become a Kindness Ambassador?

Watch the video below to hear Kindness Ambassadors explain why Magical Bridge and the Kindness Ambassador program are important to them and their communities.



Each public playground manages its own Kindness Ambassador Program.

For your City, please visit or inquire via the links below.