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Magical Bridge Play Park is coming to Palo Alto Unified School District's El Carmelo Elementary School.


El Carmelo Plan.jpg

Hello El Carmelo!

Magical Bridge Playground at El Carmelo will open soon and we wanted to share why this playground is so special. Magical Bridge first opened at Mitchell Park in 2015 as a playground designed for all ages and abilities — including those with physical, developmental, social, and cognitive differences. If you’ve been there, you know it’s not like any other playground and we wanted to share a few reasons why.  


Magical Bridge is arranged into Play Zones so visitors know what to expect from each area, which is important for those with differences. The El Carmelo Magical Bridge Playgroud will have a Swing, Spin, and Slide, Zone. In addition to being fun, these motions benefit people in many ways. For example, swinging restores balance and helps increase concentration, and spinning develops both sides of the brain while improving attention span and focus. The equipment in each zone is chosen for maximum accessibility — carousels that accommodate wheelchairs, wide slides that allow you to slide with a friend, and group spinners with space to lay, climb, or sit. In the playground, you'll also find a Hideaway Hut which offers a quiet place to relax (especially important for those with autism). 

Together with the El Carmelo PTA, we’re excited to announce that the playground will be open in mid-September — please keep an eye out for a grand opening celebration!



Magical Bridge Playground will be located at El Carmelo Elementary School on the corner of Loma Verde and Bryant Streets.

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