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Why Magical Bridge?

Because every body  needs to play and connect with their community and today’s typical playgrounds are overlooking too many of us.

Designed for everyone.

Magical Bridge Playgrounds are universally designed to improve the physical, social, emotional, and mental health of everyone in a community, regardless of age or ability.


Socially inclusive and physically accessible, Magical Bridge Playgrounds include the 1-in-4 around the world living with physical and cognitive disabilities, autism, visual and hearing challenges, and those who are aging or medically fragile. Since opening the first playground in 2015, there are now 7 playgrounds open to the public in the San Francisco Bay Area with many more in development around the world.

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The first of its kind, Magical Bridge Playgrounds are intentionally and mindfully designed to bring people of all ages and abilities together while encouraging group and individual discovery, imagination, fitness, and reflection. In short, we are not a “special needs” playground – rather, we are a playground for everyone and everybody, at every stage of life.

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The design and guiding principles behind Magical Bridge Playgrounds are a direct result of over a decade of research and collaboration with inclusion visionaries, community leaders, special needs educators, landscape architects, developers, artists, innovators, and families living with disabilities. Combining the research and collaboration of many, barriers were removed, allowing the magic of play to be at the forefront of the playground in a safe environment for all. Discover the features of a Magical Bridge Playground below.



  • Distinct Play Zones with equipment for all ages, sizes, and abilities

  • Seamless pathways and soft-fall ground surfaces with no loose tanbark or sand that may obstruct those using breathing tubes

  • Wide slides, adult-sized bucket swings, and a wheelchair-accomodating carousel

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  • Kindness Corner for reflection 

  • Signage for those with sensory challenges

  • Hideaway Huts for quiet retreat 

  • Ample shade and gathering areas



  • Wheelchair access to a two-story custom playhouse and stage

  • Slide Mound offers multiple challenge slide levels including patented Slide and Sit™ landings for those needing more time at the bottom

  • Local art installations

  • Interactive musical features such as a 24-note laser harp


How Magical Bridge
Playgrounds are different.

Beyond inclusion, there's magic.

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